Can you access Starlink router remotely? How?

By Nitin (Author)

Starlink users now have the ability to remotely connect to their Starlink router from anywhere in the world.

The ability to remotely connect to your Starlink router allows you to perform basic troubleshooting and safeguard your Internet connection.

Before opening, make sure you are disconnected from your Starlink Wi-Fi network. Connect to cellular data or another WIFI network.

1. Open the Starlink app

You will see DISCONNECTED in the app. To initiate a remote connection, click the account profile icon in the upper left corner.

2. Tap the account profile icon

On the account profile page, just below the logout button, you should see Connect to your Starlink remotely. If you do, keep going.

3. Confirm the app is trying to connect remotely

If you do not confirm that you are disconnected from Starlink Wi-Fi. Also confirm that you have Internet connectivity through a cellular or other Wi-Fi network.

Tap the X button in the top left to close the account profile settings. You should now see an ONLINE status.

4. Close Account Profile to Remotely Control

If you do, you are remotely connected! Also note the blue icon that appears on the account profile icon, which indicates a remote connection.